A wellbeing provider for school communities

89% of school teachers report that our program improves their wellbeing & the learning abilities of children
92% of the students report an increase in wellbeing following our program

Mission Statement

To improve the overall wellbeing within school communities in Australia. We aim to develop physical, mental, social and emotional awareness throughout the entire school community.

Why Us?

“Teachers make more mental stress claims than any other industry” (WorkCover, 2016)
“Most Australian children are not meeting the daily Australian physical activity guideline”(Aust. Gov. Dpt of Health)

Our Program

Consists of scientifically supported Fundamental Movement/ Yoga, Mindfulness, Creative games and Mediation.


Welcome to Kids Creating Space – A wellbeing provider for school communities.

We provide primary and secondary school communities with a wellbeing program that strengthens their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. We provide your school with the tools it needs to cultivate a growth mindset, throughout the entire community; resulting in a healthier and happier learning environment.

Through scientifically proven research we now know the framework model of human behaviour. Self- regulation and trauma have a significant impact on human development, behaviour and learning.

Kids Creating Space Program

Our unique program is tailored to your school plan and community. This program is a five-step process;
1. Pre-wellbeing assessments to ensure our tailored program aligns with your school setting
2. In-school training for all staff and students to improve overall health and wellbeing
3. Daily use of our online teaching recourses to support staff in their classroom
4. Continuous email and phone support throughout the program
5. Post- wellbeing assessments to assist with the detailed report is given to your school principal at the end of the program

Teaching resources

  • 8 interactive video’s per term – To calm students ready for learning
  • A valued based awards system – Daily and term awards
  • 8 value based classroom posters
  • Weekly extension tasks
  • Direct and unlimited email/phone access to your lead teach from Monday -Friday for the duration of your program
  • Exercise mats for the in-school sessions

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