About Kids Creating Space

Welcome to Kids Creating Space – a wellbeing provider for school communities in Australia.

We provide primary and secondary school communities with a wellbeing program that strengthens their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. We provide your school with the tools it needs to cultivate a growth mindset, throughout the entire community; resulting in a healthier and happier learning environment.

Through scientifically proven research we now know the framework model of the human behaviour. Self- regulation and trauma have a significant impact on the human development, behaviour and learning.

Kids Creating Space combines scientifically supported; yoga/ fundamental movement, mindfulness activities, creative play and meditation, to improve social and emotional skills. This combination provides the tools needed to cultivate self-care, self- regulation and resilience to enhance personal and academic ability.

Our program offers schools the opportunity to think outside of the square while being supportive every step of the way. This approach has been very successful, and the demand for my program has grown dramatically over the past 18 months.

Director, Taran Jenkins, has been teaching children and adults for thirteen years. Her wellbeing company is unique and offers a program to support the entire school community, focusing on school staff, students and parents/ carers.  There is a saying; It takes a village to raise a child. Hence we believe in “mindful teachers, mindful students.”