Why Choose Us

    We collect pre, during and post data to assist with the writing of a detailed principals report. Below are our key findings:

• 89% of school teachers report that our program improves their wellbeing, teaching skills & the learning abilities of their students.

• After two consecutive years of implementing our program school’s reported an improvement in NAPLAN results.

• Principals and classroom teachers reported that students use the taught self-regulation strategies in their classrooms, on the playground and enjoy upskilling their family members at home.

• After one unit of our program, teachers reported the sessions and recourses had a positive impact on student and staff self-awareness, concentration, a reduction of anxiety and stress, and improve productivity.

• Principals found that students and staff become more patient, open-minded, compassionate and empathetic towards others and themselves during and after our wellbeing program.

• Teachers found that our program upskilled staff with a growth-mindset vocabulary. Teachers found that using our vocabulary and value-based learning structure to teach all curricular activities increased engagement, excitement towards learning and the ability to problem-solve.