Terms and Conditions Policy for Kids Creating Space


Deposit/payment /Cancellation Policy

Our program has been specifically designed to ensure that any school community can gain overall health benefits at considerable prices. Our program offers students, teachers, school staff and parent/careers useful well-being lessons, staff development days and online teaching resources tailored to support your school community.

What is covered within the Program?

This program is an in-school training where our lead well-being teacher is able to offer up to 40 wellbeing classes to participating classrooms and staff members per week. Our wellbeing teacher will hold a Skype meeting with the participating school one month before the the program begins to ensure that you are beyond prepared.

We ensure that each student is able to receive up to nine wellbeing sessions each being 45 minutes long over the duration of the program. This way, the students are able to improve their cognitive and social skills as well as increase the development of their physical and emotional growth.

Each teacher or staff member is able to receive up to four-45 minute well-being lessons over the duration of the program. These lessons give the teachers/staff members the tools they need to manage, work overload,  stress, anxiety, while at the same time improving their overall health.

To support your school community, we offer both pre and post wellbeing assessments for every participating staff member and child to show the effectiveness of the program.

Finally, we also offer a two-hour Staff development training evening. This covers Education on wellbeing & self-care, our teachers resource drive, positive reinforcement, growth mindset, as well as guidance on ways to create a mindful classroom, and ways to implement our focused values into your everyday teaching.

Payement Rates and Plans

So as to ensure that we have been able to reserve a space for your school, depending on the package you select, you are required to make a total payment by the end of the first day of the program booking.

Program Cancellation

It is important to note that cancellation of any booking already made with us that has more than 60 days incur no charges. However, if you cancel a program that has 60 days or less, you are ultimately charged 20% of the initial program’s fee.